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Meet the team that
turns your ideas into reality

We use a different approach to build modern answers to the challenges of the 21st century.

profile picture of Ronald chumaceiro

Ronald Chumaceiro

Viewing the world through a camera lens, you'll find Ronald (the team's perfectionist). Characterised by his creative, organised, and fire skills. He's the man that transforms your ideas into reality (if not... he won’t stop until he accomplishes it jejeje. Literally). He’s the nice guy (probably too nice). If you are looking for a discount, he's the one to speak with ;).

Profile picture of Tomás Yepes

Tomás Yepes

Always with his AirPods on, and dancing 24/7, Tomas is constantly motivating the team and reminding them to keep their feet on the ground. Acting as our SEO and SEM specialist, Tomas is a big-hearted digital marketing lover. With his energetic, win-win-win mentality, and hard-work beast mode, he will make your business generate REVENUE (his favourite word).

About us

Zolution Society is more than just an agency, we are a community powered by Zoomers focused on long-term relationships with you. We believe that the current marketing problems are yet to be discovered. Our model is designed to fit the changing economical, cultural, and technological context we're living in.

Our solutions give an active role to the consumers.

This active role has a higher impact than just plain exposure. Interactions mobilise the attention of the user, which enhances the memorization of the message by stimulating different parts of the brain with challenge-reward mechanisms. This results in a more satisfied and happy client.

Sofía working on a projectSofia and Tomás, feeling good vibes after finishing work

But... why?

Because we love what we do, because we are f*ckng awesome, because we get good damn results, because we understand that it is also our role to tell you, when we think something is wrong, because a "no" can save a strategy, and because we undertand that your victory is also ours.


  • Because we re-evaluate every aspect of the project
  • Because Google is our best friend
  • Because the results are shown with data
  • Because we take care of every detail

Our clients' success begins with the rules we follow

  • Maintain autonomy and freedom
  • Integrity, loyalty, and trust above all
  • Embrace change

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